This year, LDC awarded over 80 employees from both the Rio Puerco and Casa Blanca campuses with the Employee of the Month award. With over 1,100 employees company-wide, Employee of the Month recipients are simply the best of the best.

The LDC Employee of the Month Program identifies employees who have performed “above and beyond” their normal duties to accomplish something extraordinary. Employees are recognized on a monthly basis throughout the year in the categories of Commitment of Service, High Degree of Initiative, Productivity and Quality of Work and Exceptional Dependability.

While every employee contributes to the success and growth of LDC, it is important to recognize hard work and those who make a significant difference in the organization. Every year, LDC hosts an annual banquet in honor of all Employee of the Month recipients and treats them to a night of delicious food and entertainment.

LDC express thanks and gratitude for employees always going above and beyond in their job duties. Congratulations to the 2019 recipients and thank you for giving LDC your best!

Christopher Juanico Merna Sanchez  Felipe Lorenzo Jason Clark  Gabrielle Lewis Justin Chino  Dwight Fernando Nataani Martin  Sharon Mansfield Krystle Baker  Denise Chavez Jaron Tenorio*  Pamela Lucero Danny Tocktoo  Devyn Kazhe Beverly Bond  Erica Siow Phillip Lorenzo  Jennifer Sandoval Isaac Begay  Richard Thompson George Torres  Roberto Medina Eloise Ortiz  Charles Fults Emma Alvarez  Anthony Garzone Dorothea Williams  Carlos Martinez Erica Monowar  Arthur Aragon Juanita Willis  Raymond Dimas Charlene Lascano  Glenn Trotter Kyle Platero  Richard Thompson Nathaniel Lucero  Robert Kinsley Robert Riley  Mark Howeya Elizabeth Ruiz  Rosemary Atencio Brittany Duncan  Wilfredo Barraza Cricket Martinez  Eric Carlson

*Employee nominated more than one time. Not listed December Employee of the Month Winners