Last year, Laguna Development Corporation (LDC) in collaboration with Casino Cares®, launched the charitable giving option on the ATM Ticket Redemption Kiosks. With the implementation of this, guests were given the option of donating less than a $1 amount of their gaming ticket to select charities. LDC vetted an impressive array of charities before launching this program, and local organization Laguna Community Foundation (LCF) was among those selected.

LCF is dedicated to generating resources and charitable support to initiatives that strengthen the Pueblo of Laguna. Recently, LCF awarded a community project grant to the Laguna Rainbow Corporation (LRC) to address a repair that resulted from a natural disaster in July of 2018 at the K’awaika Senior Center.  Lightning struck near the senior center causing damage to the automatic handicap door system. The door needed to be fixed within a reasonable timeframe in order to comply with ADA requirements. Kathy Correa, LRC Chief of Operations, sought funding from LCF to address the need.

Through a partnership between LCF, LDC and Casinos Care®, donations are raised to support Laguna community programs and projects. LRC Chief of Operations, Kathy Correa stated “Current funding is only able to support our basic expenses. Any unexpected catastrophic event can negatively impact our services unless we are able to find additional resources like those provided through the Laguna Community Foundation.”

The K’awaika Senior Center is central to the Pueblo of Laguna as it cares for the elderly by providing congregate meals, home delivered meals, homemaker and caregiver services, non-emergency transportation, health and wellness education, wellness calls and information and referral services.