As Laguna Development Corporation prepares to conclude another successful year, we are reminded of the complexities and challenges associated with a business that generates well over $200 million in revenue annually. The company’s numerous business entities are responsible for fulfilling not just the financial commitments made to our shareholders in the Pueblo of Laguna, but also to create a structure that serves the needs of more than 1,000 employees and provides a positive experience for the thousands of customers who come through our doors each day. 

LDC has built an impressive array of initiatives that represent the company’s commitment to the people of Laguna. This list of activities, events and volunteerism reflects the company’s unwavering efforts to do good work for the community.

  • Laguna Sports Academy is an AAU-style athletic and education program including basketball, volleyball and cross-country. LDC founded and funds 100% of the program.
  • Through an LDC sponsorship agreement with both UNM and NMSU Athletics, Laguna youth receive coaching and mentoring from Division I athletes and coaches with personal appearances and camps in Laguna Pueblo.
  • LDC management serves on both the Laguna Rainbow and Laguna Community Foundation Board of Directors.
  • LDC participates with a parade float entry and provides the MC for the Annual Laguna Feast Parade.
  • LDC provides annual health and career fairs for all tribal employees.
  • At the Rainbow Elder Center LDC provides food and servers for Feast Day, a Thanksgiving Day meal and each Christmas provides holiday gifts delivered by members of the security staff.
  • LDC employees volunteer for Village Cleanup Days.
  • LDC is a sponsor and employees volunteer for community clean-up during the annual Earth Day event.
  • LDC provides a college tuition reimbursement program for Laguna tribal members.
  • LDC provides funding for Laguna seniors to participate in the state and national Senior Olympics.
  • The company’s Management Capacity Program (MCP) offers mentors and comprehensive on-the-job training for tribal members aspiring to management positions within the company.
  • The Girl Scouts of Laguna Pueblo were hosted for a field trip to see the behind-the-scenes workings of a casino hotel like Route 66.
  • Company Human Resources professional trainers provide team-building training to the staff at the Tribal Gaming Regulatory Authority (TGRA).
  • LDC receives hundreds of donation requests each year. Pueblo of Laguna requests, particularly for children’s programs or activities, are always granted whenever possible.
  • The great tradition of distance running in Laguna Pueblo is supported each year as LDC pays entry fees for employees entering the Duke City Marathon.
  • Each month Route 66 hosts Food for Thought, a healthy eating program where employees are invited to taste a low-calorie meal as the chef demonstrates how to make it.
  • Both Route 66 and Dancing Eagle host Employee Appreciation Days that include free food and prizes for all employees who attend.
  • LDC supports the tribal program Partners for Success by making summer jobs available for tribal youth in retail and food & beverage. Personalized orientation/training includes job and social skills in the work environment.
  • On the first Sunday of the month Dancing Eagle hosts a Native American Arts and Crafts Show. Entry fees and booth space are provided free of charge to local artists.
  • LDC employees voluntarily provide a monetary donation to the annual Sponsor-a-Child program. Money raised is used to buy useful holiday gifts for students at Laguna Head Start, elementary and middle schools.
  • Dancing Eagle hosts weekly Zumba/Mix Fit classes for community members.
  • Dancing Eagle provides Field Trip Days volunteers at Seboyeta and Cubero Elementary Schools.

Without the hard work, dedication and selflessness demonstrated by LDC employees everyday these contributions, and the many others too numerous to mention, would not be possible.

Thank you for your support, your contributions to the Laguna people, your fellow employees, our guests and the entire state of New Mexico.