On January 18, 2017, Laguna Development Corporation (LDC) celebrated all 2016 Employee of the Month award recipients at an annual dinner banquet.

The Employee of the Month Program identifies the top performing employees from all departments at LDC.  Employees are recognized for having demonstrated excellence in at least one of the following areas:

  • Commitment to Service
  • High Level of Productivity / Quality of Work
  • High Degree of Initiative
  • Exceptional Dependability
  • Effective Working Relationships

The evening featured a full course dinner and live entertainment. Department managers were able to be formally acknowledge the award winning employees in front of their coworkers and family.  LDC aims to make employees feel valued and appreciated for what they do and each award recipient was presented with a limited-edition LDC jacket.

Congratulations to all 2016 Employee of the Month recipients!

Madelyn Juanico Jerri Martinez Adrianna Nelson Erline Correa
Petra Reyes Tina Cheromiah Charleen Cheromiah Erika Yazzie
Marc Estrada Josiah Burns Megan Martinez Anthony Castillo
Terri Trujillo Doroethea Williams Ernesto Coronado Aaron Riley
Lynn Baca Stephanie Garcia Monday Shroulote Rose Mary Atencio
Marty Torivio Sheldon Purley Mallorie Wilson Maria Avitia
Elaina Ingraham Calina Sarracino Madalynne Francis Kiel Marmon
Darlene Montoya Huy Chau Daserine Lewis Randi Aragon
Christopher Trujillo Julio Chacon Georgia Finch Bernadette Aragon
Ophelia Leon Ty Monte Judi Riley Patrick Riley
Richard Beecher Stephanie Louis Mark Archuleta Cheyenne Garcia
Marcella Salt Carla Deutsawe Kamrin Aragon Kaylyn Begay
Benjamin Barbone Tammi Trancosa Jerry Wilson Dion Concho
Eve Hernandez Alma Solis Geneva Romero Tanya Luarkie
Pamela Lucero Carlos Martinez Brianna Loretto Michael Chavez
David Paytiamo Danielle Vallo Marilyn Antonio Myrna Alderete
Naatani Martin Lawrence Encino Jaynnie Atcitty Kelly Greene
Violeta Trujillo-Varela