First launched in 2008, the current Route 66 brand advertising and promotional campaigns enjoy the highest level of recognition among consumers than any casino in New Mexico. During research conducted last summer, Route 66 Casino Hotel enjoyed the highest level of brand recognition and advertising recall, nearly twice as high as our nearest competitor.

Now the advertising that has included “Get Your Kicks”, Get More Kicks” and Kickin’”  over the last eight years is getting a refresh with all new creative, designed to inject even more energy and fun into the Route 66 brand.

LDC, Route 66 and Magnum Marketing and Advertising of Philadelphia, PA are building new photography, video, graphics and ad copy that will present an all-new way we portray the brand image of Route 66 Casino Hotel.

According to Skip Sayre, LDC Chief of Sales and Marketing, “The definition of a successful brand is one that creates an emotional connection between the consumer and the product. Our success in building New Mexico’s strongest casino brand means we have to periodically provide our customers with new ways to look at the things we represent like freedom, the open road, nostalgia, fun and a sense of Americana.”

The new advertising campaign will be launched this summer. The pin-up girls that have been a part of the Route 66 advertising since 2008 will continue to be a part of the print and video with a twist. “We though the incredible cultural diversity of New Mexico gave us an opportunity to do something different in the next iteration of the Route 66 campaign.” Said Frank Palmieri, President of Magnum Advertising. “We have recruited three new Route 66 Girls to represent that diversity to physically embody the Caucasian, Hispanic and Native-American communities in the Land of Enchantment.”

In May the three new girls participated in a photo and video shoot at a studio in Philadelphia. In June location photography and video were shot with three couples representing customers out on the town enjoying our products and services.

Route 66 General Manager Tim Perkins said, “I am very excited about our new campaign. 2016 has been a solid year for all our businesses so far and I am confident that our new print, radio and TV ads will help us maintain the momentum we have built over the last several months. Loyal customers and new customers alike are sure to enjoy a new approach to New Mexico’s best known casino brand.”

Look for all new print and TV ads hitting the Albuquerque market this summer.