On December 17, 2015, LDC employees had the opportunity to deliver 355 coats at the Laguna Early Head Start, Laguna Pre-School, Laguna Elementary, and Laguna Middle schools. Parents and children were ecstatic to receive a new winter coat with their respective school logo embroidered on the coat.  At one school parents and administrators had tears in their eyes and explained that some children would not have a coat without this year’s LDC coat for kids project.  At other schools, as children received their coats they tore off their existing coats, threw them to the ground, and immediately began to wear their new coats. It was a fun and exciting day to see the children receive their new coats.

Dancing Eagle Casino  Employees (L to R): Slot Shift Manager Mark Romero, Marketing Supervisor Kamrin Aragon, General Manager Don Billbrough.

In addition to the coats, LDC will deliver welcome gift baskets full of essentials (e.g., towel, blanket, and personal care products) that new residents to the Laguna Rainbow (Laguna Nursing Facility) desperately need. When elders arrive the Laguna Rainbow they arrive, often, with only the clothes they are wearing.  The gift baskets offer a warm welcome to elders arriving their new home whether it be a temporary or permanent placement.

Over the upcoming months, LDC will continue to deliver coats to newly enrolled students at the Laguna Schools and through the remainder of 2016 deliver welcome baskets to new residents at the Laguna Rainbow.