Laguna Development Corporation helped kick off the Pueblo of Laguna (POL) Annual Spring Break Community Event in April. Each year the POL Sports & Wellness Department coordinates a three day event, over spring break, full of various activities to engage the children in the community. LDC contributed to the event by providing lunch for participants and employees volunteered to facilitate learning activates.

Training & Development Manager, Al Kozal along with Health & Wellness/LSA Coordinator, Elaina Kakatolis lead over 40 participants in some fun  educational activates on Monday, April 6th. Children ranging from age 12 to 16 discovered their personality type based on a psychological profiling test from the book Conquer Fear! by Lisa Jimenez.  The children were asked a series of questions and then, based on their answers, were classified as an owl, a dolphin, a peacock or a panther. Each animal represents dominate traits that influence how people make decisions, deal with challenges, and relate to other people. 

Once the children learned about their personality type they participated in “The Marshmallow Challenge” which is a fun team building exercise that promotes lessons in collaboration, innovation, and creativity. 

Pueblo of Laguna Governor Virgil Siow joined the children for lunch on Tuesday, April 6th. This opportunity gave the children a chance to meet and interact with the new governor.  Local public agencies including the Laguna Police and Fire Rescue, K’awaika Public Library, and Laguna Behavioral Services, to name a few, gave demonstrations and classes on safety, wild life, and science.  Some of the more physical activates included: archery, golf, swimming, basketball and tennis.