The Pueblo of Laguna along with Laguna Development Corporation are pleased to announce two scholarship opportunities for Laguna Tribal Members.

Achieve It!
In keeping with its mission to support scholastic endeavors of tribal members, the Laguna Education Foundation announced a scholarship allocation of $426,538 to the fall 2014-2015 academic year. This educational grant is designed to provide supplemental funds or tuition, books, supplies, travel expenses, room and board, and child care for undergraduate, graduate, and vocational students.  

This scholarship opportunity is open to all Laguna members and it also includes the Governor’s Scholars inventive, which rewards students with a 3.0 GPA or better with an additional $1,000. Funding will be granted according to degree level and increase each year through the progression of the program. Funding amounts are based on a traditional academic year for a full time student (two semesters). 

Floyd Correa Endowed Scholarship
In May 2014, the Dean of the New Mexico State University School of Business, Dr. Garrey Carruthers, announced the Floyd Correa Endowment Scholarship in recognition of Mr. Floyd Correa. Laguna Development Corporation is honored to establish this scholarship in Floyd’s name to recognize hsi outstanding contributions to New Mexico State University, the state of New Mexico and the Pueblo of Laguna. 

Floyd Correa was a two-term Governor in the Pueblo of Laguna and the Chairman of the Laguna Development Corporation for more than ten years. Floyd helped instill efforts to promote higher education for members of the Pueblo of Laguna as one of the company’s highest priorities.

The Floyd Correa Endowed Scholarship may be awarded to an undergraduate and/or graduate student pursuing a degree at New Mexico State University. For more information about the Floyd Correa Endowed Scholarship, please contact NMSU Financial Aid and Scholarship Services at (877) 278-8586 or