The Laguna Development Corporation Board of Directors recently approved a new logo for the company which will be unveiled over the next several weeks. The new logo is part of a broader strategy to position LDC for future growth both inside and outside the borders of the state of New Mexico. According to LDC President and CEO Jerry Smith, “We are truly honored to be a part of the Pueblo of Laguna, its rich history and tradition. Working with Governor Luarkie, the LDC board and executive management we felt that in light of LDC’s incredible business success over the past dozen years it was time for LDC to embark on its own corporate identity and preserve the dancing eagle logos of the pueblo and Casa Blanca casino as they are today and have been for many years.” Over the past several months LDC staff has worked with HK Advertising and Marketing of Santa Fe on dozens of concepts for a new logo. “Our agency has been working with LDC from the very beginning of its existence so we were pleased to be asked to participate in this historically important project,” according to Dave Hayduk President of HK. “We are proud of the final product and I hope the new logo will be part of LDC’s future success for decades to come.” 

The new logo features a diamond shaped symbol which is shaded from dark brown at the bottom to light blue on the top symbolizing earth, water and sky. The mosaic diamond shape was also intended to represent Mt Taylor, a sacred site of the Laguna people. The new logo emphasizes the letters LDC with the words Laguna Development Corporation below. “As we grow the company in future years it is our intention that the phrase “LDC” becomes commonplace. It is a symbol the business community, our constituents and customers will instantly recognize along with what the company stands for,” said Jerry Smith. Over the next several weeks dozens of items from stationary to business cards, signage and forms will be converted to the new LDC logo. A new corporate website featuring the logo, its colors and personality will make its debut later this year.