For the second year in a row, the World Famous Laguna Burger competed in the Governor’s Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge held on September 15th at the New Mexico State Fair. The State of New Mexico is famous for green chile, locally grown and put on everything from hamburgers and pizza to ice cream! While we certainly did not make the hamburger famous, New Mexico can be cited as the creator of the green chile cheeseburger. The variations of green chile cheeseburgers are endless, and that is what we saw as the top twenty competitors came together to cook their award winning burgers for the judges at the State Fair. Every cook had their own techniques, making the contest even more interesting. One cook pours green chile sauce from a pot heating on the grill onto the burgers while they are cooking, another roasts chile fresh on the grill to place on their burgers and others used green chile paste. Onlookers stood by with their mouths watering as they waited the announcement of the winning burger. The Laguna Burger booth was by far the best presentation this year, made to look exactly like the inside of the Laguna Burger stores, including a full menu board, counter top, bar stools and even the napkin holders came straight from the store. Hundreds of fair goers were dying to get their hands on a Laguna Burger, however the contest did not allow for the booths to sell to the public. Priced at $3.99, the Laguna Burger is an amazing value for the time and effort that goes into making the burger. Made with fresh ingredients every day, this burger has been tested and is the sure winner to many loyal fans who drive from all over the State to get their Laguna Burger fix. The judges deemed ABQ Brew Pub as the winner of this years’ contest. “Although we did not win the contest this year, we feel confident that our burger is a front runner for the best in the State of New Mexico. The time and effort that goes into the preparation of the Laguna Burger is what makes it superior to others. We are grateful to have an incredible staff; they are the ones who make the burger famous,” explains Earl Carrasco, Chief of Retail Operations for LDC. The Laguna Burger is served at Exit 114 inside the Superette and at Exit 140 inside the 66 Pit Stop. Stop by and grab one for lunch while you can, before the word gets out that the Laguna Burger is World Famous!

Image: The Laguna Burger team spent hours preparing for the final judging at the Governor’s Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge.