Dancing Eagle Marketplace

The 25,000 square foot building will be adorned with earth tone colors
?inspired by nature: brown soil, green leaves, cloudy skies, and the red sun.

Laguna Development Corporation officially broke ground and construction is underway on the new grocery store in Casa Blanca, scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2013. The Marketplace at Dancing Eagle, will reside directly behind the current grocery store which will then be torn down and become a parking lot after construction is complete. The layout of the grocery store will be more open and spacious. The 25,000 square foot building will be adorned with earth tone colors inspired by nature: brown soil, green leaves, cloudy skies, and the red sun. These palettes are designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The shelves will be black which will present a refined look and feel. The maximum shelf height will be six feet for easy access to top shelf items. Tall ceilings with skylights will allow natural light.

The departments in the marketplace will be re-organized and spacious. Within ten feet of the entrance, cashiers will be available to greet guests. Upon entering the store there will be a section dedicated to healthy, sugar free and diet foods. This section will give special consideration for diabetics and their health needs. “Although we currently carry all of these products, they are found sporadically throughout the store. By creating this section we will make shopping for these specialty items easy and convenient,” stated Earl Carrasco, Chief of Retail Operations. The Deli and Snack Bar will continue to serve the world famous Laguna Burger and incorporate hot, ready-made family size pizzas as well as a hot foods menu that will feature different menu items daily. The frozen food section will be expanding significantly, offering a larger variety of meal solutions. The produce section will double in size, offering shoppers more choices when it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables. The meat and poultry selection will be displayed in unique glass cases to regulate the proper temperature, ensuring the best quality and taste. In addition to food, patrons can ensure they will be able to find other necessary items such as household cleaners, health and beauty products, pet sup¬plies and Ace Hardware.

The goal is to provide affordable fresh groceries for the community, and leave a positive impression on patrons, new and old. Although this self-service marketplace will offer a wide variety of food and household merchandise, patrons are sure to find comforts they are accustomed too, with the addition of more choices. Product pricing will remain consistent and competitive. No sales tax will apply and senior citizens as well as LDC employees will continue to receive a 10% discount. New positions and employment opportunities will become available, boosting the local economy.