The famous 2,800 seat Legends Theater opened over five years ago with the opening of Route 66 Casino Hotel. Legends Theater is the largest of its kind in New Mexico, and it is said that in Legends, every seat is a great seat. To the average concert goer, Legends Theater has everything you need in a concert venue, including four conveniently located beverage stations, two additional beer carts, great padded theater seats angled just perfectly so that everyone can enjoy the show, incredible lighting and staging capabilities and large digital screens on either side of the stage for easy up close viewing. So, what else could you ever want in an entertainment experience? The Marketing & Entertainment staff at Route 66 Casino Hotel had the answer, perfect sound.

In 2008, the entertainment staff began a year long project to perfect the sound in Legends Theater by adding an acoustic package to the back and sides of the theater. We also added new speakers. The definition of acoustic is the science of sound related to the deadening or absorption of sound. In other words, the acoustic treatment in Legends Theater absorbs sound. When melodies of your favorite artists flow beautifully off their instruments or vocals, the sound travels, just like waves in the ocean, across the theater. The sound waves eventually crash into back walls of the theater and bounce back into the room, sometimes making the sound less clear. The acoustic package absorbs the sound waves so that you do not hear the music bounce back, enabling you to hear every clear note that comes off the stage.

The acoustic package was completed in December of 2008 by nationally recognized SIA Acoustics, design and consulting firm based out of New York. The Marketing & Entertainment staff worked tirelessly to fnd the best company to complete this enormous project. After choosing SIA Acoustics, the sound in the room had to be tested from each and every point to ensure the sound was balanced. “The new acoustic package represents our true love of entertainment and passion for creating an unforgettable experience for our guests in Legends Theater,” said Robert Buhl, Marketing & Entertainment Manager, Route 66 Casino Hotel.

Next time you walk into Legends turn around and face the back of the theater, and you will see what looks like carpeted panels hanging on the back walls. These are the magic panels that make Legends Theater, legendary. You may not have ever known what you were missing, but now as you sit and enjoy a show in Legends Theater you will understand why the experience is truly unforgettable.