Less than a month after Laguna Development Corporation (LDC) provided shareholders with a cash sharing check for $7.7 million dollars, LDC stepped forward to help the Laguna Department of Education with a direct contribution of $15,000 to help kick start the development of a new education campus.

The need for new facilities has existed at the Pueblo of Laguna for many years. The current Laguna Elementary School facility is well over 55 years old and the Division of Early Child Care facilities are over 20 years old. The costs of maintenance and repairs for the two facilities have continued to increase significantly each year, making the buildings a financial liability. It is part of LDC’s continuing mission to support the needs of the Laguna community, not only through the cash sharing plan already established, but by providing direct funds to other local community and services oriented programs that are in need of assistance.

The Department of Education first approached Laguna Development Corporation in May of 2008 with the initial plans for a new education campus which included the development of a new elementary school and early childhood facility north of the current middle school campus. The project would result in cost savings on construction due to the existing facilities such as gas, water and sewer; it would bring together three student populations into one location.

Recent studies by an engineering firm, contracted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, has determined that the Laguna Elementary School buildings were nearing the end of their useful life. LDC made the decision to support the project understanding the needs and impact on the Pueblo of Laguna. The new education campus concept will provide the students of Laguna with an improved opportunity to meet the state educational goals and improve educational opportunities of students for years to come.

The donation provided by LDC will move the Department of Education closer to making their dreams come true: new facilities that will support 21st century teaching and learning. Laguna Development Corporation is honored to be part of creating a future full of opportunity for the children of Laguna.